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Keep Your Home Healthy Without Lifting a Finger

When’s the last time you flushed the sediment from your hot water tank, tested your carbon monoxide detector, or cleaned the condenser coil on your air conditioning unit? Last month… last year…never?

It’s okay! As a homeowner, it’s tough to stay on top of your home maintenance needs. However, performing regular home maintenance is necessary to save you thousands in costly repairs, and energy efficiency. Plus, regular upkeep creates a healthy environment for your family and pets.

That’s why Coverall Home Maintenance is here: to take care of all your home maintenance needs efficiently and affordably so you don’t have to. Call us today for a free phone consultation. You and your home will be glad you did.


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Complete Home Plans

Affordable and Convenient Maintenance for Homeowners

While we have a one-size-fits-all plan for every home and property, pricing is based on the size of your home—starting with homes under 3,000 sq. feet.

Coverall Home Maintenance Plans

How Our Appointments Work

Sick of maintenance professionals traipsing through your home every month—causing you to miss work, delay plans, and rearrange your schedule to fit theirs? Coverall Home Maintenance combines all of your home maintenance needs into two easy and efficient visits per year. During each visit, a knowledgeable Home Maintenance Technician provides a thorough inspection and service of the interior and exterior of your home to identify any minor issues before they become a serious problem.

If something looks fishy, we will either help you fix the problem or help you schedule a repair with a professional in our Trusted Contractor Network—at an exclusive discounted rate just for Coverall Home Maintenance members!

Coverall Home Maintenance Add on Service
Coverall Home Maintenance adon Services

Maintain Rental Properties without Hiring a Property Manager

Coverall Home Maintenance helps landlords cut down on the costs of owning a rental property by offering a catch-all solution for maintenance. Let us handle the scheduling, inspection, and repair of problems we uncover. We will even send you photos of our work to make sure it’s up to snuff! If we can’t fix it, we’ll help schedule appointments for you if specialty services are needed, but you’re welcome to find your own contractors too. Every appointment with another professional in our network comes with an exclusive member discount, so you can save on all your property maintenance needs.

“I have only been a member for a few months, but Coverall Home Maintenance‘s service has been great. I was having problems with local companies—they never returned my calls to do work and maintenance on my rental home. Since getting my membership, Coverall Home Maintenance has helped me get bids for projects within the first couple of days. The tune-up service was also great; I haven’t done many of those things on my home since I bought the property! I am very pleased so far and this is a great new company.” Nate T

Sit Back and Relax as a Coverall Home Maintenance Member

Coverall Home Maintenance Benefits

Scheduling home maintenance doesn’t have to be a pain that adds stress to your life. Enjoy your home and leave the scheduling to us! Before every appointment, we will contact you to remind you when a technician is coming to your home, texting you real-time location updates so you’ll know exactly when your tech will arrive. We’ll work around your schedule. And if we find any issues during inspection, we’ll help you schedule repairs with a qualified, reliable contractor in your area with an exclusive Coverall Home Maintenance member discount.